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10 Best Diet Tips

Posted by on Sep 11, 2015 in Diet Tips, Fit & Happy | Comments Off on 10 Best Diet Tips

dimagrireThey say fat is ugly. Who wants to be considered ugly anyway? Everyone wants to keep fit with a sexy body. Been fat comes with so many disadvantages. You get to have nicknames in school, always considered as the gluttonous one in your clique. Clothes become too tiny for you to wear, you can’t wear sexy and fancy trending clothes. It is also not advisable by health nutritionist, excess cholesterol in the body can be harmful. One can develop heart disease and breathing difficulties. Heart failures are more prone to obese people. Well to maintain your weight and physical fitness you need to do a couple of exercises and diet measures as seen below.

1757Drinking plenty of water is useful to the body. It keeps the body and the skin hydrated. It helps in most of the food metabolism. Plus people confuse thirst for hunger. A bottle of water can fill up your body and you don’t need to eat food after that.

Take breakfast. Some people tend to skip breakfast cause they believe it will make you add more weight. The truth is it helps you control your weight.

Eating fruits and vegetables is a classic way of losing fats. This is because they are healthy and do not contain much fats like sugar foods instead they have vitamin and minerals.

Cut down on the junk food intake. Junk food contains cholesterol and starch that makes one grow huge. Eating snacks in between meals can make you increase in size.

Taking foods that have fiber can be helpful. They make you feel full thus hindering you from taking food anyhow.

Take frozen foods. They are low on calories. Freezing foods kills its nutrients, including calories.

Sex is also good to help reduce cholesterol in the body, yes I know it sounds weird but it is a great remedy. Sex is good for the mind and soul, it is believed that one looses a lot of cholesterol during sex. Though this does mean that one has to go sleeping around in order to reduce weight but it’s just one of the many ways of losing weight.

Changing environment could also be useful. It is believed that people tend to eat a lot in cold surroundings compared to hot weather.

Exercise is good it reduces cholesterol levels in the body. Running and attending gym sessions is great for losing weight. Gym instructors can advice on the diet to eat train you on how to loose weight.

Reduce your food intake, if you used to take two plates of food start taking one. Let the tummy get used to it and with time you will reduce your weight.

As you do the above tips keep checking on your weight. Weigh yourself every month to make sure that you making progress. Though do not stress yourself, we all look beautiful before the eyes of the Lord for he created us in his own imagine and likeness. Been fat is just but added fats to the beautiful body you have which is temporary.

Anyway good luck in looking pretty and sexy.

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